Celiac Disease

Allergies can cause lot of upheaval in life. Initially the symptoms may be ignored but it is good to monitor the cause of allergies. Celiac disease is most common though the detection is quite difficult. People having an allergy to the protein gluten are not able to tolerate the same. The gluten content is a protein available in wheat, rye and other cereals like barley. It lends certain elasticity to the food product and aids easy chewing. Though gluten rich food is tasty, some people have a severe allergy towards the same. There are products available in the market that is advertised as gluten free. Though a doctor will prescribe the right diet, it is best to avoid gluten based food. A process is introduced to take the gluten off the products like extraction for wheat and rye.

Symptoms may be silent initially. A troubled skin patch that is itchy and causes blisters may seem like a skin disease. But only a special blood test to note the antibody present in the blood stream can tell you if you are allergic to gluten. Some people face a lot of bloating and weird sensation after consumption of bread and pasta. This can be a symptom of celiac disease. The disease again is hereditary in nature. Symptoms like bone problems like arthritis and in severe cases osteoporosis can be dangerous. Constant consumption of gluten based foods can also cause unexplained fatigue. Menstrual problems and infertility is also a severe repercussion if the disease is not treated. In certain cases seizures may also occur.

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While testing for gluten allergy, one needs to eat gluten based foods like breads or pizzas and then go for a test. The auto antibodies found in the system and the blood tests will signify the presence of a celiac disease. If a prolonged case of celiac disease is noted, there is severe damage to intestines and liver. Though a doctor will let you know the correct medication, the only cure is to avoid anything that is gluten based. You could specifically enrich your food with other proteins but gluten will surely harm your health. The most immediate reaction to gluten is a skin rash that occurs quite immediately after consuming a gluten based food. This is an indication that avoiding the same is required.

Though you will be advised to be off direct foods like pasta or Indian breads, it is still vital for you to abide by other sources that come as preservatives or processed items. In cases where the gluten allergy is confusing and not detected, endoscopy is advised. The biopsy done with the cells of the villi which is the main part of the small intestine can reveal the allergy in a person. As people are getting more diet conscious, the labeling in most foods indicates the presence or absence of foods. People with this allergy will have to modify these changes as eating out can bring in fresh allergies. Though there are other items like meat, poultry products and other extracts from flour like bean flour or corn flour which can serve their nutritional needs.